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Product information "BEOTiC LIGHT"
The bacteria in the intestine perform very important tasks and therefore also have an influence on health. 80% of the immune system is formed in the intestine. Beneficial bacteria produce substances that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. In addition, they compete with germs for food and thus deprive them of the basis to thrive in the intestine. Antibodies are also produced here. 

The intestine is a coiled muscular tube. Its main task is to digest food. However, various hormones are also produced in the intestine, and it also plays an important role in the defence against pathogens and the absorption and release of water.

  • contains 3 microencapsulated bacterial cultures - 20 billion CFU (colony forming units) per daily dose
  • also contains 5g acacia fibre powder
  • 1g glucomannan
  • Our bacteria cultures are naturally produced

Recommended dosage:
Stir 1 sachet into 200 ml of water 30 minutes before the main meal or a maximum of 3 times a day - morning, noon and evening - as part of a low-calorie diet and drink. Then drink another 200 ml of water so that BEOTiC LIGHT reaches the stomach completely and the dietary fibres it contains have enough liquid to swell and cause a feeling of satiety. We recommend taking BEOTiC LIGHT according to "Our tip: 30-day cure!  

Our tip: 30-day cure!
Phase 1: For the first 10 days, take 1 sachet daily 30 minutes before the main meal with plenty of water - according to the recommended intake - in order to achieve a supportive feeling of satiety and to get used to the ingredients of BEOTiC LIGHT. 

Phase 2: Then take 1 sachet of BEOTiC LIGHT 3 times a day for 15 days - morning, noon, evening - 30 minutes before meals with plenty of water - as recommended.

Phase 3: To complete the 30-day cure, take 1 sachet daily for the last 5 days 30 minutes before the main meal with plenty of water - as recommended.

(Note: For these 3 phases you need 60 sachets / 2 packs of 30 sachets each).
We also recommend a break of 4 weeks between the cures, during which you continue to eat a low-calorie diet.

Important information for allergy sufferers:
Lactic acid bacteria are included, which are deliberately bred in a natural environment (milk), so that milk protein and lactose are present. 
Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. 

 Acacia fibre powder (acacia seyal), glucomannan, Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium longum. 

Manufactured for:
BestEffect GmbH
Wörthstrasse 15
97082 Würzburg

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